As of March 1st, 2024,the Sheriff's Office and Bryan County Courthouse now closes at 4:30p.m. Monday-Friday.

For Emergencies Dial 911
Dispatch: (580) 924-3737
Jail: (580) 931-0673
Office: (580) 924-3000
402 Evergreen Street
Durant, OK 74701

Jail & Inmate Information

The Bryan County Jail is located at 402 West Evergreen Street, in Durant. While in-person visitation is not permitted, persons may visit inmates using the Prodigy Kiosk from 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., Monday through Friday, with the exception of 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday or online through the Prodigy app. Ray Emert serves as the jail administrator.

Inmate Visitation

All personal inmate visitation is through NCIC Inmate Communication Systems. Attorney and counsel visits are schedulled with the jail administrator.

Step One Create an Account on the NCIC website

Step Two Select Bryan County Facility

Step Three Select Inmate

Step Four Choose the Date & Time for your visit

Remote On-Site Video Visitation

Each inmate will be allowed 2 visits per day at 20 minutes per visit with a 10 minute cool down period. They will have unlimited days per week to visit and the visits will be recorded. The visits MUST BE SCHEDULED 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE. Family and friends must sign up at

For family or friends without internet access through personal computer or cell phone, limited openings for Saturday on-site kiosk visitation in the detention center lobby is available if scheduled 24 hours in advance.

Off-Site Visitation: Remote Visitation is available from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

In House Visitation

Inmates are allowed one free in house visit every 30 days. Additional visits are $10 per visit. All in house visits must be scheduled in advance. Inmate visits are video only and no-contact.

Inmate Telephones

To set up a prepaid account now, simply call 866.797.5578. One the account is funded, you can immediately start receiving calls. You can also visit

Payment Options:

Call Center Live Operator - 866.797.5578
(Deposit Fee $5.95)
Hours: 8AM-8PM M-F 2PM-6PM Saturdays


Our facility has a payment Kiosk located in our lobby where a cash or credit card deposit to your account can be made.

There are numerous telephones available within the detention facility for the inmate’s use. There are two call options.

Prepaid Collect

Prepaid collect calls are collect calls paid for in advance. The inmate’s family and friends can deposit money to an account associated with their telephone number.

The Prepaid Collect account is controlled by you. In the event that an inmate calls a number where a collect call cannot be billed or the phone number has exceeded its allowed spending limit, a complimentary, one-time call is allowed. During the call, the parties will be instructed that future calls to this number will require setup of a Prepaid account.

In addition, your account is secured with a password that is selected during account setup. This security step allows account access by authorized users only. (Prepaid Collect account funds expire 6 months from the date last used, unless otherwise required by State law. A refund may be requested.)

PIN Debit

A PIN Debit account is an inmate owned prepaid debit account that allows inmates to place calls using funds maintained in the inmate’s PIN Debit account. The inmate can make calls to any telephone number not restricted by the facility, using PIN Debit funds.

The inmate’s family and friends can also deposit money to an inmate’s PIN Debit account. Funds placed on a PIN Debit account will become the property of the Inmate. (No refunds will be given on PIN Debit.)

Inmate Mail Policy

All incoming and outgoing mail must have First and Last name and full address of both the sender and the recipient on the envelope. Mail is scanned and sent to inmate electronically.

Inmate mail may be sent to:

Bryan County Sheriff's Office
Inmate's Name
402 Evergreen Street
Durant, OK 74701

Inmates may also receive items sent from 3rd parties

Persons who have been incarcerated in this detention center will not be allowed to correspond with any inmate for a period of six months after their release date. If you wish to correspond with currently incarcerated inmates it must be approved by the Detention Center Administrator.

Normal mail rules still apply, and content violation may prevent delivery of the item to the inmate.

Prohibited material include:

  • Racy or pornographic images
  • Pictures or descriptions of illegal activities
  • Pictures or descriptions of self-defense tactics, locksmith instructions, escape techniques, or similar material deemed hazardous by correctional staff.
  • Pictures or descriptions of the use or manufacture of firearms, explosives, or other weapons.
  • Drugs or biohazards on the envelope or contents.
  • Threatening or violent content.

Inmate Commissary & Web Deposits

tiger commissary

Inmate Commissary and Web Deposits are handled by Tiger Correctional Services

Commissary orders must be completed by Tuesday evening before 10:30AM.

Money orders are not accepted. All money sent to an inmate can be safely and securely added through web deposits. Use your credit card or debit card from anywhere. If you would like to use cash or debit/credit card, you can use the Tiger kiosk in the lobby or online.

Money left in the commissary account when an inmate is released may be obtained only by the inmate, upon release.

To send a web deposit or purchase commissary for an inmate at the Bryan County Jail, click one of the links below. Choose the inmate